Being a leader in the construction and renovation industry is not easy. Theoretical, practical, and technical expertise defines a construction service provider's brilliance. Locally owned, trusted and experienced, NA Construction Service is hands down the best company you will work with. Our agency will transcend your expectations with modern solutions for all your construction and renovation requirements.

Who We Are

We are a trustworthy construction company that started small; solidly established now. We never stopped growing. The best assets we have, our customers and our employees, help us exceed the required standards each year. Here at NA Construction Company Vancouver, we set our own goals and work hard towards success. Our services range from basic renovation projects to complex commercial and residential construction projects.

Our Mission

We strive to provide top-notch construction services for our customers by following modern, flexible and ethical construction practices. We pledge to offer competitive and affordable prices for our services.

Our Vision

To be a reliable Vancouver construction company that satisfies customers by providing a premium service that amalgamates architectural elegance, quality material, technological excellence and unmatched dexterity.

Our Team

NA Construction Company Vancouver has a fantastic team as its cornerstone. After a strict and thorough background check, each employee is chosen for a series of interviews and an extended training period. Pleasant, talented, efficient and genuine, our workers will work the hardest and best they can to achieve an exceptional outcome.

Customer Support

If a Vancouver construction company lacks interpersonal skills, they are more likely to fail, regardless of their service quality. NA Construction Company Vancouver maintains a healthy and uninterrupted relationship with you, from the beginning till the end and even beyond. Your queries will be answered promptly and comprehensively.

Affordable Prices

Among the price ranges we offer, you will definitely find an option that suits your budget. Gone are the days when commercial and residential construction companies were only for a selected few. We deliver superior quality for competitive prices.

Services We Offer

Construction and renovation are not the only areas we specialize in. Our focus spans a wide range of services related to construction, development, renovation, planning and management.

-Construction/Project Management
-Geotechnical Services

EPC Contracts (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction)

As a Vancouver construction company that puts your convenience above everything else, we follow the EPC contracting method. We have expert engineers to design, procure the tools, materials and equipment, and construct the design to perfection. Simply speaking, our services will cover everything from top to bottom, leaving nothing for you to worry about.

Benefits Of EPC

There are many reasons why EPC is the best and most common contracting method out there.


  • Maximum constructability
  • Quicker implementation and completion of plans
  • Easy access to all resources needed.
  • Time-saving and convenient
  • Easy communication between service providers
  • Efficient buyer-supplier communication
  • Adaptable for all types of construction requirements


We have chosen EPC as its strategic approach because of the extensive benefits. Building trust with you is more comfortable with EPC because we take care of the entire process.


Give Us A Call

Our Vancouver construction company is proof that construction services are no longer as complicated as they used to be. Clear-cut work breakdown structures and systematic execution of plans will ensure a safe and productive worksite. The outcome will wow you, no matter the size of your commercial or residential construction requirement. Call us up for more details.