NA Construction advises developers on buying land, financing real estate deals, and building projects

High-Quality Development Services in the City of Vancouver

As a reputed construction company in Vancouver, we are also involved in development services. These development services mainly revolve around advisory aspects. That is, we advise our clients on a variety of aspects of their real estate, land, and construction projects.

Hence, if you are someone new to this market, worry no more! Because the skilled team at our Vancouver construction company is committed to providing you with learned advice. These advisory services will boost your project performance and will be a soundboard for you from the beginning of the project to its very end.

An Overview of our Development Services

At NA Construction, the development services we offer are as follows.

  1. Comprehensive analysis
  2. Designing services
  3. Financing advisory services
  4. Permit handling
  5. Dispute Resolution
  6. Project teams inclusive of qualified leaders
  7. Procurement contractors

We Deploy Skilled Project Teams

If you are looking for a qualified project team for your development project, contact NA Construction. Because our development services also include the outsourcing of skilled project teams. These teams are multi-talented and well-trained to carry out even the most tedious tasks. Moreover, these teams have team leaders who can strategically manage and monitor your development project's execution.

We Carry Out Dispute Resolution

Has your development project been put on hold because of a dispute? Are you stuck in one place with no progress? If so, contact our construction company Vancouver for a quick and effective resolution provided by an experienced team of professionals. We will carry out initial investigations, assess the situation, and map out alternatives to resolve disputes. You can then evaluate these alternatives and proceed with the option to see the best fit for conflict resolution.

We Handle Development Permits

When it comes to development, permits are growing to become a mandatory requirement imposed by most local authorities. Unfortunately, not everyone is well versed in handling and seeing through the process of obtaining permits. But here is the good news! Our construction company Vancouver is now offering permitting services for development projects. Hence, contact us to get your permits processed with minimal hassle.

Extensive Zoning Analysis For Affordable Prices

At our construction company Vancouver, we perform zoning analysis at affordable prices. We carry out this analysis based on the latest zoning regulations in Vancouver, and we make sure to follow through with all the requirements. Upon completing the analysis, we will deliver a complete report covering all aspects of the investigations carried out. This report will be of significant value to you in maintaining your development projects.

High-quality Design Services From Our Vancouver Construction Company

We also provide design services for development projects in Vancouver. This includes a thorough analysis of our customers' requirements, after which we will come up with several effective designs that could improve the quality of your development projects. These options will then be presented to you for assessment and evaluation.

Financing Advisory Services For Your Development Project

Financing is a critical component of development projects and is often a factor that can decide the success or failure of a project. Hence, NA Construction is prepared to assist you with your development projects' financing decisions. We assure you that together we will be able to make a significant improvement in your financing decisions and drive your projects to their ultimate success.

Procurement Contractors at our Construction Company Vancouver

When it comes to procurement, it is not only the prices that matter. You also need to have your goods on time and in good quality to successfully carry out your project. Hence, it would be best if you had an experienced procurement officer to handle all procurement aspects.

Thus, if you are in the watch out for a professional procurement officer to overlook your development project's procurement, reach out to us at NA Construction. Our team will make certain that you receive the best of services from your suppliers throughout the project. They will also handle the necessary legalities that come with procurement.