Sidewalk Options, From Asphalt To Concrete Or Custom Designed

NA Construction is an EPC construction firm that provides off-site work based on Master Municipal Construction Document design, such as sidewalk and curb, road paving, and mill and overlay road surface.

Our professional team provides a complete package, consisting of getting all permits and approval from the municipalities. Then, we do design, initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.


NA Construction provides a full package of services consisting of getting all permits and approval at an affordable price for executing Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter, Boulevard, and Bike Lanes.


Flexible pavement refers to a type of road surface or pavement designed to distribute the weight of vehicles and other loads over a larger area, which helps to reduce stress on the underlying layers and increase the durability and lifespan of the pavement. Flexible pavements typically include layers of gravel, crushed stone, asphalt, and other materials that can deform slightly under heavy loads without cracking or breaking.

NA Construction provides all design and implementation services with a professional team, equipment, and machines for asphalt paving and all layers of the flexible pavement structure.


Rigid pavements are typically made of concrete and designed to provide a solid and durable surface for roadways, parking lot, airport runways, and other heavy-duty applications. These pavements consist of a concrete slab reinforced with steel bars or mesh to increase strength and prevent cracking. The slab is typically poured in sections, with expansion joints placed between the sections to allow for movement and prevent cracking.

NA Construction specializes in the design and execution of rigid pavements with brilliant experience in parking lots and roads.